Expert Advice On Selecting Folding Chairs

Camp Folding Chair - Three Key Factors You Need to Know Before You Buy


When the camp folding chair was created it changed the camping adventure by enhancing the entire trip. The folding camp chair has become so popular today, that no one can leave home without it. Now we can enjoy being outside by bringing a little luxury from home.

The camp folding chair is portable and durable. It also comes in many different colors with numerous features for added comfort. When deciding which folding camping chair is right for you, the most important component to consider is the quality of the construction.

Consider these three key factors in construction of your camp folding chair.

Water Resistant Fabric

When you use a folding camp chair outside it is bound to get wet from rain or dew. The seat and back of the chair should be made out of water resistant fabric so that it can withstand moisture. This material is also great when its time to clean it. Just use a garden hose to wash it off and let it air dry.

Sturdy Frame

Unless you are purchasing a child's camp folding chair, these portable chairs are made to support an adult's weight. The label will say how many pounds the chair can hold. Make sure the material that the frame is made from is either aluminum or lightweight steel, never plastic.


Lots of extra features on your camp folding chair makes it fun, but don't forget to consider the trade off of how much weight they add to the chair. Lightweight fabric and a sturdy, but lightweight frame will keep the total weight of the chair to a minimum. Since the entire point of a folding camp chair is to be portable, keeping the weight to a minimum is key.

Spending time in the outdoors is a great experience and more enjoyable when you are comfortable. That is one reason why camp folding chairs are not just for camping anymore. Men, woman and children all take they favorite seat when the go to the beach, lake, park, tailgating and of course hunting and fishing.

Now you know the three important factors to look for when choosing a folding camp chair for your next outdoor event. Keep them in the trunk of your car and always be ready for any occasion. Click here to discover the most popular features and styles available today in camp folding chairs.

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