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Covering Up Your Folding Chairs


One of the most functional pieces of furniture is the humble folding chair. The folding chair is easy to store, durable and easily transportable. One of the only problems with directors chairs is there nasty aesthetic reputation probably because they are often left to brave the outdoor elements.

In my areas of Sydney I often see directors chairs and folding chairs on the rubbish pile for collection - not because they are broken but usually because they are faded, dirty, and depressingly bedraggled!

So this article is how to recycle and re-use the good old faithful folding chair this summer.

If you want a cheap and no fuss way to refresh your folding chair you can buy slip covers. A fresh and bright gingham and striped directors chair cover will have you finding all sorts of excuses to sit in the garden. Folding chair covers are a great way to make your outdoor furniture new again. They make the once demure folding chair fit for even a garden wedding! To keep the vibrant look remove the directors chair covers after use or at the very least if you are going to leave them on the chairs store them out of the weather.

It is also very possible to make you own folding chair cover. For this project you will need lots of material like unwanted sheets or tablecloths, a needle and thread or hot glue gun. If you would like to make a fancy chair cover than you will need a long wide ribbon or a long piece of material about 10cm wide and some safety or sewing pins.

How much fabric will you need for each chair? There are two measurement methods: 1. Drape your fabric lengthwise over the chair until the material is draping on the floor on all sides - allow an extra 5 centimetres so you have some material to play with. 2. Or you can measure your chair with a measuring tape. Measure the chair beginning at the back legs on the floor. Measure to the top of the chair then down the front, across the seat and down to the floor at the front legs. This is how long you will need your material. Then measure the width of the seat. Measure from the right side of the chair legs, across the base of the chair and down to the left side of the chair legs. Add 5 centimetres for a seam to the length and width measurements.

Once you know how much fabric you need - cut it to size. You should have a long piece of material that is just about 5 centimeters wider than your chair. You can either sow a 2.5 cm hem or glue a hem. Drape the cover over the chair. You can leave it there or to dress the chair up for an occasion you can add a ribbon.

Take the ribbon or piece of material and wrap it around the chair, so you end up with the two ends of the ribbon draping down the back of the chair, one end of the ribbon coming from the right side of the chair and the other from the left. Tie a bow with the ribbon. Once the ribbon is positioned properly pin it in place. You can leave it pinned or add a few stitches at the front of the chair to secure the ribbon in place. Your project is now complete!

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