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Folding Chairs, A Seat For Use At Special Occasions

If you need seating for a large group of people, folding chairs may be an excellent option. The are easy to transport and store and many of these chairs offer comfortable seating for everyone attending the event.

Since these chairs fold, they usually take the least amount of storage or any other seating. A group of twenty five chairs can often be stored in a six foot space. If they are on a rolling chair storage cart they can be easily moved from place to place in the building.

Some of the least expensive options in chairs that fold are painted metal chairs. These chairs are a good choice for many institutions. The chairs can be quickly wiped down and offer a long life with very little maintenance. These chairs are narrower than some other options and allow for maximized seating in an event. The are an excellent option for banquets and meals.

Chairs that have plastic seats and backs are about equal in price to the plain metal chairs, but are somewhat more comfortable as the plastic has some elasticity. These chairs are often available in white, making them an excellent option for use at weddings.

Although padded metal chairs may be more comfortable, they often need more cleaning and maintenance. When covered in fabric, the chairs are more likely to stain or absorb odors than the other types of chairs.

Groups that only need chairs on occasion may find the best value in renting both chairs and tables from a party supply store. The store may offer delivery and pickup for a slightly higher price per chair, but if you do not have access to a truck, the additional fee may be worth the cost. One advantage of renting chairs is that you do not need to provide storage for all the chairs.

Churches, schools or other organizations that plan to use the chairs regularly will find that purchase of the chairs is more economical than renting is. Remember that you will need to provide a place to store those chairs that are not in use before you purchase the chairs. The storage cart is a convenient way to store your chairs.

Many of the organizations that need portable seating are moving toward stacking chairs. These chairs are somewhat more comfortable and sturdy than are the chairs that fold. They do, however, require more storage room and are heavier than the other variety of chairs.

One advantage of either folding or stacking chairs is that when they are used for furnishing a room, the room instantly becomes multipurpose. It can serve as a dining hall or a lecture room. If the chairs are stored, you have a large open area that can be used for a social or a school dance.

Folding chairs may be used for many different reasons. You may just want one or two around the home for additional seating or a thousand for an event where you need plenty of seating. These chairs can easily be transported and take less room for storage.
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