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Folding Chairs, Seating To Use At Special Occasions

When trying to decide how to provide seating for a crowd, folding chairs often make a great choice. The chairs are easily transported and stored. They can offer a comfortable seat for each person attending an event.

Chairs that fold require less storage area than any other type of seating. Twenty five chairs can be stored on a six foot rack with casters. The rack can be rolled onto and across all sorts of surfaces in order to distribute the chairs for a quick setup and take down.

Painted metal chairs are among the least expensive of these chairs. They make an excellent choice for many institutions. A quick wipe down cleans the chairs for the next event. The chairs offer a long life and require little maintenance. The smaller sized chairs allow maximum seating for the event and are often a good choice for meals or banquets.

Chairs that have plastic seats and backs are about equal in price to the plain metal chairs, but are somewhat more comfortable as the plastic has some elasticity. These chairs are often available in white, making them an excellent option for use at weddings.

Padded metal chairs are somewhat more comfortable than the plain chairs, but offer many of the same advantages. If these chairs are covered in fabric, however, they are more prone to stains from food and other materials.

Groups that only need chairs on occasion may find the best value in renting both chairs and tables from a party supply store. The store may offer delivery and pickup for a slightly higher price per chair, but if you do not have access to a truck, the additional fee may be worth the cost. One advantage of renting chairs is that you do not need to provide storage for all the chairs.

Schools and churches as well as other organizations find purchasing of the chairs that are needed for special occasions is a more economical choice than renting is. When purchasing chairs, you should look into the proper storage carts that makes set up and storage much easier and protects your chairs from damage.

If you want something that offers a better look than most folding chairs, consider purchasing stacking chairs. They are more comfortable and sturdy than folding chairs, but will require more area for storage than would be required if the chairs folded.

Either type of these portable chairs works well to furnish a multipurpose room. That room is equally at home as an auditorium or a class room. It can serve as an area for a dance or a lecture hall. Storing the chairs makes the room available for standing room only events.

Folding chairs can be used for many purposes. They may be used in a home as seating around a card table or to provide seating for hundreds of persons at a large event. They are easy to transport and to store.

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