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Folding Chairs - Your Guide to Flexible Seating


Out on the lawn or in the office, no chair offers you more flexibility than the folding chair.

Folding chairs have been around for centuries. The Egyptians developed folding stools for important military and ceremonial applications. Over the centuries they have expanded, improved, and evolved into today's most versatile chairs. Where standard seating is meant to be left out more or less permanently, folding chairs fold up for quick and easy storage in closets, trunks, and any other convenient space. And since they're so compact, you can store many at a time.

The most popular folding chairs are made with metal. The favorite choice of pro wrestlers everywhere, these tough chairs are made with tubular steel to survive any abuse your crowd can dish out. They even resist the dings and scratches that come with site to site transport. A perfect seating choice for gyms, sporting events, and concerts.

Those that travel with their seating should check out plastic folding chairs. These sturdy chairs aren't quite so tough as their metal counterparts, but they make up for it in lightness. While one person may only be able to grab two or three metal folding chairs at once, they'll be able to lift a stack of plastic chairs. Plastic chairs generally also have a sleeker, more professional look, making them perfect for flexible offices.

The best choice for special events is the wood folding chair. These chairs are available in a variety of finishes and may or may not come with a built-in cushion. They look particularly stylish in reception halls, churches, and at outdoor weddings.

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