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Metal Folding Chairs: A Guide


A burglary attempt was thwarted by a folding chair. The wrestling organizations use metal folding chairs as props. But the main purpose of these chairs is to bring people together: to congregate, to celebrate, and to enjoy family, friends and life.

Whatever your occasion, an informed shopper is a happy one. Taking the time to do research and comparison shop is a task less and less people "bother with" each day. You work hard for your money and usually look forward to bringing home your new purchases. But there is nothing more disappointing than not liking what you bought and being stuck with it; all because you didn't have all the necessary information before going shopping, and this is not just advice for buying metal folding chairs. Know you options, features, pros and cons, storage needs and availability, and the space needed for set up. It will also benefit you to think about the physical conditions and weights of the people who frequent you gatherings; consider their comfort.

Your best bet is to look at the listed features for several different models of the chair-style you are looking for and make a list of those features you need or want. This way when you're ready to shop you have all the information in one place. I like to keep this kind of information in a small, spiral memo pad. This way I can keep adding items and information, as well as keep the research for future reference.

Most standard metal folding chairs have a frame made of 18-gauge steel frame with steel pipe used for the legs and braces. Some are triple braced for maximum strength. You may find different styles and strengths of support rails. They may have metal, mesh, upholstered or padded seats and seat-backs, and some have arms. Weight capacity will vary. Some fold flat for easy storage and some are designed for stacking or nesting. Some frames are designed for indoor and outdoor use, but their seats and seat backs may not be. Then there is something called "gangable," which I think means they come with clips so you can clip them together as to keep them in a row.

If you are looking for really beautiful metal folding chairs, then you will want to look at wrought iron. (Best of all, some of the wrought iron is recycled!) These chairs are perfect for enhancing the beauty of your gardens, yards, and lawns. May I recommend only buying those that come with cushions? Sitting on any metal folding chairs for an extended period of time will cause pain.

Aluminum folding chairs are usually more casual and designed for the beach, pool, camping, fishing, boating outdoor concerts and sporting events because of their lightweight nature. The frames will be aluminum but the seats and seat backs will usually be canvas or nylon, with canvas being more durable. These metal folding chairs come in many different styles with different bells and whistles, and they are the lightest of the portable chairs.

Any questions or comments about this article metal folding chairs, fell free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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