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Nylon Folding Chairs Have Many Uses

Nylon folding chair is a general term that refers to a class of chairs made for the outdoor market. People use nylon folding chairs for sporting events, outdoor concerts, picnics, fishing at the lake, camping and spending time in your own back yard. Nylon folding chairs are also known as bag chairs due to the nylon carry bag with strap that even the smallest youth chairs come with now. That carry bag used to be more trouble than it was worth as the Chinese manufacturers would spec the chair out to get the lowest possible price so they would cut the dimensions down on the bag until it was nest to impossible to return the chair to the carry bag. Consumers complained enough to stores that the buyers finally told the factories to be a little more generous in the carry bag dimensions so that anyone could get the chairs back in.

About ten years ago a company called Macabee was making nylon folding chairs for several major sporting goods chains and another Chinese maker came into the market and there was a price war. The first nylon folding chairs had no arms. Arms were the first upgrade. Then came the addition of cup holders. Fabrics were upgraded and made thicker; sometimes seats and backs were padded. Other features like removable padded headrests and magazine pockets were added. Seats were made wider and rockers were added. Bench style seating with three and six person nylon folding chairs were made.

During the price wars Macabee was determined not to lose and has emerged as one of the dominant players in the nylon folding chair market. Now they are known as Mac Sports and they make a great deal of private label outdoor furniture for sporting goods and general merchandise stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Dick's Sporting Goods and others. On of the results of the price wars in the early 2000s was that you could get two nylon folding chairs with cup holders for $9.99. Retailers made a fortune even though the margins were low and the chair manufacturers did not make any money, but the promotion generated great traffic for retailers. One of my accounts, Galyan's, went though twenty five containers of chairs (4000 units per container) that summer. The nylon folding chair has become a part of the American lifestyle. No matter where you go you will see someone carrying a colored bag over their shoulder with their favorite chair in it.
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