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Quick Tips For Storing And Cleaning Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are really convenient to carry around, use and clean. They are generally economical, and come in a variety of colors and fabrics. There are the low maintenance plastic folding chairs, to the wooden chairs, to the metal chairs and the comfortable padded folding chairs. Wooden folding chairs have always been a favorite for backyard parties! Whatever the material they are fashioned out of, you can fold them flat after use and can store them away conveniently.

When it comes to storage tips for folding chairs, you have to be a little careful. A garage is the ideal place for storing them as they will be protected from the sun, rain or excessive heat. You can stack the chairs on a platform specially made for storing items in the garage. In most cases, the platform is pulled up, and your garage floor is clear for use. The safe number of chairs to stack on top of each other is eight. If this storage is not feasible for you, then you can store them on a chair dolly.

Where ever you keep them, remember to cover them with a dust cloth. Do not keep plastic or padded chairs near heating sources like the furnace or boiler as the excessive heat may melt the seat or foam padding or it may even destroy the padded chair cover. Keep the wooden and metal chairs away from moisture. You do not want the frame to rust, get warped or become home to mold growth. Keep the upholstered chairs well covered as dust might get settled in the fabric, and it may become difficult to clean them the next time before use.

Now, using folding chairs is also to be done with caution. You must never stand on a folding chair, as it may fold itself. Be very careful if kids are using them as their hair, or legs may get stuck if the chair collapses. Instruct children to keep their fingers away from the retractable brackets. Tell them to not play with the chair as it can fold on top of them.

It is quite easy to clean folding chairs if you have stored them well away from dust. Plastic chairs can be cleaned with water, soap and a brush. Do not use any chemical cleaners on them. For the metal chairs, use a fine-grade sandpaper to remove rust spots and scratches. Then give a finishing touch with a rust-preventive spray paint. Polish the wooden chairs with recommended wood cleaners and polishes.

You can add a special touch to folding chairs for every occasion. For instance, you can add a decorative cover that matches your event or the d├ęcor for the occasion. Chair covers are a great idea for wedding or theme parties. You can get the decorators to do that or you can create these covers with fabric, ribbons and other decorative items. These fabric pieces can be tied to the back or on to the seat, or can be even glued to them! Store your folding chairs well, and clean them in the right manner, and you will see how your investment can last for years.
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