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Your family comes over and, in true form of holiday tradition, they expect a feast to be prepared. Upon waking into your home, your children and their spouses, grandkids and loved ones are warmed by the familiar scent of your home cooking. As you place the last dash of salt on the chicken and call everyone to the table, you are smiling because a full house of friends and family warms your heart.

As their bellies fill, each one begins to wander off to one chair or another and settle down for a short bit of relaxation. Inevitably, Grandpa falls asleep in his ergonomic office chair. It's 'his' chair and everyone knows it is likened to his throne. As he relaxes into the chair, it supports and gives in all the right places -- he's sat in ergonomic office chairs like this one for as long as you can remember. His head begins to lull up and down and before the baseball game is into the third inning, Grandpa is methodically snoring while his mouth hangs agape.

As everyone leaves the table and gathers their things, the night ends but their folding chairs remain left behind, staring you in the face. As much as you love having a house full of people, it also means a house full of clutter when they are gone. After all, each lovable member of your family requires a place to rest their fanny. Simply gathering enough office chairs or foldable seating can be a task in and of itself. There are plenty of affordable chairs made of metal, plastic or wood. Garage sales and church auctions are also great places to pick up an affordable chair or two.

Gathering enough seating to accommodate a family gathering is only half the problem. The other half lies in where you will store all those dormant seats while they are not in use. Here are several tips for savvy and space-saving storage techniques.

  1. Vertical Garage Storage: Install garage ceiling storage systems yourself. You can choose from a variety of these systems by shopping online or at your local home improvement store. These storage devices typically work on a rope and pulley system that allow you to easily stack your items on a platform and then suspend it high above the ground, allowing room for parking. This creates instant chair lifts that will keep you from constantly taking on the battle of stacking your folding seats against the wall and hoping they don't fall over.
  2. Smart Use Of Bicycle Storage: Install bicycle hooks on the garage or basement walls that would allow you to hang 2 or 3 chairs. This also keeps the items off the floor and frees up your floor space. However, you should take caution make sure the hooks are secured into the wall and can hold the weight. This technique is not recommended for hanging in drywall alone.
  3. "Creeper" Storage: Ever wonder what those boards on wheels mechanics use to roll under cars are called? The technical word may be truck or dolly, but most refer to them as a creeper or crawler. These low-profile platforms are the perfect place to lay folding seats horizontally on top of one another. A plus is that the portability of the creeper allows you to move an entire stack of chairs easily.

With smart use of space and a little ingenuity, you will be able to have enough storage room for all the temporary seating you need for your next family meal. Now, if only you could get them to clean up before they left.

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