Expert Advice On Selecting Folding Chairs

Things to Consider While Purchasing the Portable Folding Chairs


If you are looking to purchase portable folding chairs, there are few things you must know before you go ahead and choose some. There are several sturdy aluminum chairs available in the market that supports 325 lbs for a seventeen inch high chair and 350 lbs for a nineteen inch version. Both these chairs are twenty-two inches wide between the armrests. They can be folded, carried and stored easily.

Portable folding chairs are great for hanging out on the lawn, beach, camping or other outdoor events, and even come in rocking models. If you require a folding chair that is more than twenty-two inches wide, you need to consider the following points. Before purchasing, measure your minimum-seat width, that is, the distance between the armrests.

In case you already have an arm chair that is big enough and comfortable, measure the width between the armrests using a yardstick or tape. If you find the chair to be a bit larger then measure additional space using a tape before sitting and then subtract this number from the distance between the arms. In case you do not have a comfortable chair at home already, you can sit on your couch and place 2 heavy books on each of your sides such that it just touches your hip. Now, stand up without disturbing the books from their places and measure the distance between them with a tape.

It is essential that you find the right chair that suits your height too. If you purchase a seventeen inch chair and find it to be low, you may find it difficult getting off the chair. In such a case, it is better that you choose a nineteen inch chair. If you do find the nineteen inch chair to be high, you can order a folding chair that suits your height. However, you should remember that slight sag of approximately an inch can be ignored. This goes to show that the best option would be to get your hands on a 16 or 18 inch chair. Most people prefer a 19" chair. If you find that your budget is hindering your purchase, then opt for the painted metal-chairs which are less expensive. Usually, directors of various companies opt for such a portable chair. Such chairs last longer and require little maintenance.

It is better not to opt for stacking chairs as they pose problems while transporting them. However, if such portable folding chairs are to be used in just one room then they can prove to be one of the best options. Folding chairs which are portable are used in several events as well. They can be used in homes as a seating arrangement around card tables or for providing comfortable seating arrangements for a big function. A stool along with the portable chairs can be the perfect pair, useful for studying. These chairs are preferred as they can be easily transported from place to place and because they take up lesser space as they can be folded with ease. These portable folding chairs are also preferred on outdoor trips as they provide an easy seating arrangement while on a picnic or to sit by a lake while the sun sets. Easy and convenient, these chairs are a big hit in the market.

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