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Wood folding chairs provide excellent seating for convention centers, churches, educational institutions, restaurants, hotels, party rental firms, weddings and receptions, graduations, banquets, and all other special occasions. Folding chairs made of wood give a natural and sophisticated look to your interiors. Wood folding chairs are also perfect for outdoors such as beaches, gardens, and lawns.

Wood folding chairs come in a variety of finishes and contemporary designs. A wide range of wood folding chairs made of oak wood, teak wood, mahogany, fruitwood, white wood, and other natural wood are offered for sale in almost all furniture showrooms at affordable prices. Folding armchair, side chair, reclining dining chair, and reclining dining chair with footrests are the most common types of wood folding chairs. Glastonbury chairs are yet another important type of wooden folding chairs. Usually, they are made of oak wood. They give an old world ambience to cathedrals and abbeys.

Common features of the wood folding chairs include a frame, seat and backrest, metal corner reinforcing plates, and removable padded vinyl seat cushions. Genuine plywood seats are also very common. Removable vinyl seat cushions are easy to clean and replace.

Wood folding chairs are available in black, white, and natural colors. They come in midnight black, wedding white, mahogany, and natural finishes also. Wooden folding chairs are coated with high quality paint or clear lacquer varnish for the sake of durability. The joints are often nailed and glued for extra durability.

Wood folding chairs also come with chrome frame in beech and other finishes. Chairs built of courbaril or teak wood can often last a lifetime, as they are very sturdy. They are not affected by sun, rain, or snow. High quality wood coupled with modern wood processing techniques and carpentry skills produces beautiful, stylish, and long lasting wood folding chairs.

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