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Wooden Folding Chairs

Decorative wooden folding chairs are beautiful, yet functional, and more importantly they are acceptable temporary seating for entertaining guests. However, wooden folding chairs also come in a variety of other forms from portable chairs to director's chairs.
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Folding Chairs: Simple Yet Convenient

Folding chairs are portable chairs which are light in weight and can be easily folded and set aside when not being used. Folding chairs can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. In ancient times folding chairs were looked upon as works of art and were made with wood with intricate carvings on ivory. In the middle ages, folding chairs evolved to have arm and head rests, and were hence bigger than their modern day counterparts. In 1947, Fredrik Arnold initiated creation of aluminum folding chairs with straps of fabric at the seating area and thus was born the modern day folding chair.

Folding chairs are used for a variety of reasons and at numerous places. They are used at functions where numerous folding chairs are arranged to create adequate seating area for invited guests. Folding chairs are also used at homes in areas which are small or in homes with less space. Folding chairs are a good alternative to normal heavy chairs, as they are easier to be moved around and thus can be rearranged in different areas of the house.

Folding chairs are available in various sizes as well as designs. Designs range from folding chairs which fold at the seating area to folding chairs that fold at the backrest. Also folding chairs may vary conceptually, ranging from high backed chairs to short chairs with flat or round seating areas. Designs of folding chairs also vary as per the occasion, ranging from folding chairs for public seating to folding chairs as counter stools. Counter stool folding chair designs range from window pane backs to ladder backs to X back to slat back. Folding chairs are also available in different sizes and are available for children and adults alike. Different materials may be used to make folding chairs and thus they might be made of wood, steel with padded seating and back rests or sans it. Folding chairs are also available with upholstered padding areas and are available in a variety of fabrics. Wooden chairs have always been more in demand as compared to plastic or aluminum chairs.

Prices of folding chairs range from very affordable to expensive and depend on quality, size and material used. Folding chairs are also available on sale and this might be a good buy especially if you are looking to buy in bulk or are looking for a budget buy. Folding chairs thus are an interesting alternative to regular bulky chairs.
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